SEGA’s long-running Phantasy Star series is about to make the jump from videogames to tabletop gaming, as an official tabletop RPG experience is in the works through a partnership with Skydawn Games.

The Phantasy Star Tabletop RPG is a cooperative, storytelling game where you and your friends take on the roles of heroic protagonists in a boundless universe based on the popular Phantasy Star video game series. Gather your party of galactic heroes and embark on quests to explore and safeguard the galaxy from cosmic threats, tyrannical empires, and ancient evils.

Build a diverse cast of characters using your favorite archetypes such as Hunters, Rangers, Mystics, and more. Forge a hero of your own design or play legendary personas such as Alis Landale, Rolf, Lutz, or Chaz Ashley.

Weave amazing stories where your valiant explorers blast off to new worlds and battle mythical and technological menaces. Create adventures in iconic regions such as the Algol Star System, or create your own worlds and tales of cosmic fantasy.

This game is powered by Esper Genesis, a comprehensive sci-fi roleplaying rules system you can use to build, customize, and expand your game, with the only limit being your imagination. Included with the rules is a setting guide with illustrations and an expanded lore of the Phantasy Star storyverse.

Phantasy Star Tabletop Roleplaying will be available in 2025. You can sign up for further details on the game at the official website.

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17d ago

Oh wow. There's an unofficial one out there based more on PSO, but yeah... I'm down. It's finally time for me to try DMing a game!