Today, Maximum Entertainment are thrilled to reveal physical versions of adorable cats & ghosts-based RPG ‘Spirittea’ in partnership with developer, No More Robots! Coming to Nintendo Switch on 11th October, 2024, players are invited to help tame a town full of troublesome spirits! Get your bathhouse up and running, managing the day to day operations while restoring order by helping the local ghosts chill out.

Physical versions of ‘Spirittea’ will be hitting all good retailers later this year, and fans can pre-order now on Signature Edition Games!

This town is crawling with trouble-making spirits. They’ve become lost because humans have stopped worshiping, leaving offerings or even thinking about them anymore. The bathhouse is an ancient spirit building hidden up in the mountain, and it’s up to you to clean it up and fill it full of customers!

Once the spirits are in the bathhouse, you’ll need to clean towels, chop wood to heat the baths and seat the spirits with their friends for the ultimate bathing experience. Each spirit has their own preferences so you’ll need to get to know them all and upgrade the bathhouse to become the best bathhouse keeper around.

You’re going to find the spirits causing mayhem and fix their problems so they can become paying customers, and get to know the townspeople and explore the mountain to its fullest!

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