New is better – RedDeer.Games, together with MGP Studios and Solid9 Studio play it hard with its community, presenting Crimson Tide’s cyberpunkish world with an unbreakable newish title – Neckbreak. Codename “PD”? What’s codename “PD”? Anyway – the transformed FPS knock-off bloody adventure is available on Nintendo Switch.

New day, new title, the same carnage. To refresh the game’s feel, look, and vibe via new name we’ve challenged our excellent Crimsoners community… and the smashing magic began. Together with it a new, splendid, and refreshing Neckbreak surfaced.

Crimson Tide is awaiting for a warrior to do justice to its people. Here, one everyday man can save the residents of a city-state ruled by mega corporations. With multiple endings, hidden locations, in-world secrets to uncover, and an armory full of pew-pews – this is one heck of a mission. Will Crimson Tide withstand the pressure of one vigilante fighting the system?

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