Pokémon GO is officially celebrating its eighth year! This mobile spinoff has been going strong for close to a decade, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. To celebrate, a new piece of anniversary art was shared on the official Pokémon GO site, illustrated by the game’s character designer Yusuke Kozaki.

The art depicts what appears to be a rather chaotic battle between two trainers and a LOT of Pokémon. Notably, there is what looks like a Dynamaxed Wartortle in the background, looming over everything. This is a feature from Pokémon Sword and Shield which hasn’t yet been featured in Pokémon GO. You can check that art out up above.

In addition, the official Pokémon GO site shared a blog post featuring a handful of their favorite events and updates from the past year. If you’re a longtime fan, it should be a nice trip down memory lane. If not, maybe you can catch up with the past year of news by checking it out!

Stay tuned, as more Pokémon GO events are sure to pop up for this anniversary and beyond in the future.

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