Speed Overflow is a roguelike action game that was previously available on Steam, but is headed to Switch as well. Now, we know that it’ll be arriving on July 25th, 2024, thanks to its listing on the Switch eShop.

The game will be available for $12.99 on the eShop when it launches. See below for more details, and stay tuned, as it’s only a few weeks away!

Innovative Rogue-like game. Speed is your weapon! All you need to do is “Dash” and “Burst”, to “crash” the enemies in your own style. Never stop running, never slow down. Your power comes from running. You can release powerful energy to crush your enemies while running.

10 heroes to choose from. Each hero has more than 100 exclusive upgrades and 5 exclusive talents. In addition, there are more than 130 universal upgrades, 20 BOSS upgrades, and 32 universal talents.

Simple and easy to play. Running is automatic, and all you need to do is “Dash” and “Burst”. Observe the situation on the field, build your unique skill style, and crush all enemies.

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