The 64DD was a Nintendo 64 accessory that was only ever released in Japan in 1999. When attached to an N64, the DD added features such as additional memory, a real time clock, and the ability to connect to the Internet. Only nine games were ever actually completed for the add-on, including Doshin the Giant, SimCity 64, and an F-Zero X expansion.

Although the 64DD was short lived, there were more games originally planned for it before things went south. In a new video, Did You Know Gaming examines every single 64DD title we know about that was cancelled before release. This list includes games from big franchises like Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and more.

Many of the canceled 64DD games ended up making their way to other consoles in different forms. You’ll have to watch the video up above for a thorough breakdown of all the canceled titles, plus the history of the 64DD itself.

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