Arc System Works has shared a new trailer showcasing Uzuki, a character we already knew would be heading to Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes as DLC sometime in August. This is our first chance at seeing the character in action, so make sure to check out the trailer above.

Uzuki (voiced by Satomi Akesaka)

  • Ability: Necromance
  • Weapon: Beloa

Uzuki is every bit as monstrous on the inside as she is elegant on the outside. All she wants to do is play with her bizarre powers and see lots of people suffer. This led her to join Amnesia, which she’d heard was full of interesting people. But when it turned out that the leader of Amnesia was obsessed with gaining further power in order to become a Re-Birth, Uzuki lost interest. The solution was simple: All she had to do was rip things apart until the fun came back. Thus begins her story of rebellion.

Uzuki is part of the game’s Season Pass, and the release schedule for each DLC character is as follows:

  • Uzuki: Aug 2024
  • Ogre:Feb 2025
  • Izumi:Aug 2025

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