EA and Respawn have shared a blog post detailing some major changes for the Battle Pass system in Apex Legends, and it looks like players will be spending more real-life money to get all the goodies they want.

A brand new Battle Pass experience is set to launch with Season 22, and the teams involved say they’ve improved the value, reduced the time needed to unlock high-end items, and more. Of course, some players out there might feel quite differently about the adjustments.

You can get a quick breakdown of the revamp below:

  • Battle Pass now available per split (was one per season): Players can earn the first Premium BP during the first two weeks of Season 22
  • Levels to obtain final key cosmetic items (ex. reactives) dropped to 60 per Battle Pass (was 110)
  • Rewards from past Battle Passes that frequently weren’t being used have been removed
  • Free Track rewards refreshed with the following available across each of the seasonal split’s BPs: 200 AC, 7 Apex Packs†, 1 complete Epic set, and more
  • Premium Track rewards refreshed with the following available per Battle Pass: 2400 CM, 1300 AC, 10 Exotic Shards, various Apex Packs†, 1 Reactive and 1 Legendary Weapon skin, 2 Legendary and 3 Epic Legend skins, 7 Epic weapon skins, and more
  • Twice as many Crafting Materials across the season and 3 more Legendary/Epic Apex Packs† per Battle Pass compared to the old one
  • New Premium+ offering with additional rewards per Battle Pass: 10 Levels, 2 Premium+ - Legendary skin variants (exclusive for one year), 10 Exotic Shards, and ALL Legends playable for the duration of the Battle Pass
  • Costs: $9.99 for Premium and $19.99 for Premium+* (was 950 AC for Premium, 2800 AC for the discontinued Premium Battle Pass Bundle)

If you’d like to get a more detailed breakdown of these changes, you can check out the official Apex Legends blog.


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