Bayonetta and Okami may not be the biggest franchises in the game industry, but they are certainly well-known and highly praised by both gamers and critics alike. Those characters, universes and intellectual properties came to be thanks to Hideki Kamiya and Ikumi Nakamura, and now the two have come together to talk about their creations.

In the video documentary above, join Hideki Kamiya and Ikumi Nakamura for an in-depth conversation as they discuss their past while working together in the video games industry on games like Okami and Bayonetta, their inspirations, and more.

Watch as Kamiya visits Nakamura’s UNSEEN studio as the two have a candid conversation about game development, blocking on socials, details about how Nakamura got her start at Clover Studio and her work as a background and concept artist, Kamiya’s writing on games like Okami, and Kamiya’s approach to creating games.

Some notes from the 40+ minute video feature are as follows:

  • Okami was a “huge failure” in terms of initial sales
  • Kamiya described the Okami dev team as “weak”
  • Kamiya felt Okami could have been better if the team’s enthusiasm was higher
  • the original idea was for Okami to be photorealistic, but that didn’t pan out

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