TMNT: Splintered Fate is coming to Switch on July 17th, 2024, and it’s giving us a ninja turtle game outside of the usual beat’em-up genre. This time around, you’re in for fast-paced, roguelike action where no two runs are alike. Sound familiar? Well it should, as the game is pulling from some recent hits.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Tom Westall of developer Super Evil Megacorp spoke about the many inspirations behind TMNT: Splintered Fate. Not surprisingly, the devs are looking to replicate the success of some recent big-name hits while also forging their own path ahead.

Any comparison to a game as incredible as Hades is a wonderful compliment, thank you! Hades in particular further opened our eyes to how roguelikes can tell epic stories that evolve over time and is considered a masterpiece by many for this reason. In particular, we felt we could bring our background in social gaming to see how we could innovate in this space.

There are lots of huge roguelike fans at the company and we were definitely inspired by playing them. Games like Dead Cells and Slay the Spire changed the way many of us think about how many years and hours a roguelike can remain engaging.

Another title that really inspired us was Children of Morta. This was a game all about family, something the TMNT franchise has always prioritised above all else. We think Splintered Fate is a great addition to the genre, with many familiar systems but also innovations in the co-op space that fans are going to really enjoy.

[Tom Westall, Super Evil Megacorp]

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