Nintendo has announced that they’ll be putting together a booth at BitSummit Drift in order to showcase various indie titles you can find on Switch. BitSummit Drift will be held at the Miyako Messe in Kyoto, Japan, and it runs from July 19th to 21st, 2024.

Nintendo has already revealed the full lineup of games that will be available at their booth, and you can find the list below:

  • A Dance of Fire and Ice
  • Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure
  • Kill The Crows
  • SCHiM
  • Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus
  • The Star Named EOS
  • Suika Game‘s 2-Player Mode Expansion
  • Butto Bird
  • Little Kitty, Big City
  • The Exit 8
  • Lorelei and the Laser Eyes
  • Balatro

Along with that, those who drop by Nintendo’s booth will be able to snag some swag as well. Nintendo will be giving out lantern-shaped notebooks filled with developer interviews, as well as hand towels with a large hiragana inscription of “Indie World.”

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