Sonic x Shadow Generations is set to release digitally and physically for Switch on October 25th, 2024. This time around, you’ll get to play as Shadow in a brand-new story campaign featuring never-before-seen abilities that prove why he’s known as the Ultimate Life Form. You’ll also get to see some old moments revisited in new ways as well.

SEGA has been going through the process of remastering various Sonic titles from throughout the years, and obviously Sonic Generations was their next target through Sonic x Shadow Generations In an interview courtesy of Good Vibes Gaming, SEGA’s Takashi Iizuka explains why now was the time to revisit this classic outing.

So we previously released Sonic Colors: Ultimate, as well as Sonic Origins, and when we were releasing those remastered games, the fans were really vocal about what they wanted next. And we heard a lot of people saying, “We want Generations.” That had already been an idea in our heads, and then with Sonic Movie 3 coming out, knowing we wanted to put Shadow in a game, the idea in my head was like, “Why don’t we take Sonic Generations, remaster that, and then we can add in Shadow content to make a package bigger than what we had before.” And we thought the mixing of those two things would be a really good offering for players.

[SEGA's Takashi Iizuka]

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