Pokémon Sleep launched for mobile devices on July 17th, 2023, which means we’re nearing the one-year anniversary. That’s an occasion worth celebrating in and of itself, but it turns out Pokémon Co. has another major reason to recognize the anniversary.

According to a report from AppMagic, Pokémon Sleep has managed to pull in $100 million in revenue for its first year. Apparently the vast majority of that, $73 million, has come from Japanese players. Fans in the U.S. have spent $15 million, and Taiwan came in third with $4 million.

As far as total downloads, Pokémon Sleep is sitting somewhere around 9.8 million users, and again we see Japan leading the pack at 44% of the userbase. U.S. comes in second with 17% and finally Taiwan in third at 7%.

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