Anyone who grew up in the NES era no doubt remembers the Tengen brand. That’s mostly due to the company using some rather odd-looking cartridges for their NES releases, and that’s for good reason. Tengen was releasing unlicensed games for the NES until Nintendo caught up to them, legal trouble ensued, and then Tengen pretty much folded.

We haven’t heard anything from Tengen in decades, and that’s because the brand has been laying dormant for most of that time. That’s all about to change though, as homebrew dev Jeff Silvers found that the Tengen name was up for grabs, so he went ahead and registered it. The legal process is just about complete, and soon enough we’ll see the Tengen name revived through Tengen Games.

The first title for Tengen Games takes the company right back to its roots, as it’ll be an unlicensed NES game called Zed and Zee. You can see the game in action above, which will eventually launch for NES, Famicom and Windows. Whether official cartridges for Zed and Zee will see release remains to be seen, but we’ll keep tabs on this project going forward.

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