While Nintendo is always out to stop emulators and ROM repositories, they’ve really stepped things up in 2024. The company seems to be ramping up their legal efforts and takedowns considerably, with multiple developers and companies getting smacked in recent months. Not surprisingly, Nintendo’s efforts are continuing, and yet another target has been hit.

This time around, Nintendo has sent a DMCA request to developer Jarrod Norwell, a person who has ties to the Sudachi Switch emulator. It’s clear Nintendo didn’t like what they saw with Norwell’s Sudachi repository, so they sent out the takedown request. Norwell has said that they’ll be countering the takedown request, but it appears little movement has been made so far.

The latest info from Norwell shows that they were looking to get help and clarification from GitHub, which is where the Sudachi repository was located. Apparently GitHub took too long to respond, so Norwell made the move to yank the repository anyway.

We’ll keep tabs on this situation and make sure to update you on any further movement.

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