While Pokémon GO is playable in numerous countries across the world, there are certain areas where the game is essentially barred from use. That includes both China and Russia, but trainers in those areas saw the game return to normal activity for a very brief period of time recently.

Pokémon GO players in both China and Russia noted that for a small window of time on Sunday, the app was functioning just as it would in any other region. This meant the usual geo-blocking implemented in those areas was turned off, and trainers could resume regular activity. Unfortunately, that return to a functional experience was short-lived, as the geo-block was turned back on shortly thereafter.

While players are wondering what in the world happened to give them access to Pokémon GO, Niantic has remained quiet on the matter. Eurogamer tried to get a statement from the developer, but they simply declined to comment on the situation. It will likely stay that way as well, leaving players to wonder just what happened over the weekend.

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