Final Fantasy VII is one of the most important and heralded RPGs of all time. The game managed to be a huge breakthrough for not just the Final Fantasy series outside of Japan, but RPGs in general. That’s why it’s so incredible to learn how free-flowing the development process was for the PS1 classic.

Back when SquareSoft was creating Final Fantasy VII, they took a very unique approach to development. As has been shared in multiple interviews, the plan for FFVII was to largely not have a plan. The team behind the game tackled multiple scenarios at a time, jumping from element to element and keeping multiple aspects up in the air. As work progressed, anything could be tweaked or changed depending on what the adventure called for.

In an interview with Epic, sunset visitor creative director, Remy Siu was greatly inspired by how SquareSoft created Final Fantasy VII and looked to replicate the style for 1000xRESIST. It led to a chaotic experience at times, but that also helped the team find their way.

“The pitfall is that, somewhere in the middle, you get really lost. You can [feel like], ‘Oh my God, how many chapters are left?’ A lot of people said it feels like there’s lots of twists and turns [in the game]. It’s because we were twisting and turning throughout, trying to find our way through and understand it ourselves in the writing.”

[Creative Director, Remy Siu]

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