The next update for Fashion Dreamer has been announced, and it’s set to arrive on July 11th, 2024. You can get a look at this update above, which welcomes back the Fantasy Fair that originally took place towards the end of 2023.

Designed with approachable objectives respectful of players’ time, the Limited Time Fantasy Fair features a Fantasy theme with nearly two dozen items in a butterfly dream motif. The trailer above showcases the items, but we also have a breakdown by category:

  • 10 types of patterns (Some items can be acquired after reaching a certain influencer rank)
  • 4 types of patterns (consumable type)
  • 3 types of hairstyles 
  • 1 type of hair color
  • 1 type of eyebrow color
  • 1 type of eyelash color
  • 1 type of beard color

This free content will likely come with a version update as well. If/when that happens, we’ll bring you the patch notes when they’re shared.

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