Nintendo TOKYO has all kinds of exclusive merch for fans to snag, but some of it is slowly-but-surely making its way around the world. Today happens to be the latest example of that, as a handful of Nintendo TOKYO items are now up for grabs on My Nintendo Australia’s online store.

The latest goodies up for grabs at My Nintendo AU/NZ is a series of Pikmin items. Not only has Nintendo restocked a bunch of the previously-released Pikmin items, they’ve also added yet another wave of merch you can only find at Nintendo TOKYO. Here’s a list of just the new items added today:

  • Pikmin Plastic Bowl: $11.50
  • Pikmin Plastic Spoon Set: $15.50
  • Pikmin Food Pick Set: $11.00
  • Pikmin Container Set (Pellets): $24.50
  • Pikmin Ice Pack (Ice Pikmin): $8.00
  • Pikmin Pin Badge (Purple, While, Winged, or Rock): $13.00

To get a closer look at these items or see the restocked Pikmin merch, check out the My Nintendo AU/NZ store.

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