Back in October 2023, Compile Heart announced Madou Monogatari 4 for Switch. Today, thanks to a new feature in Famitsu, we know that the game has not only been renamed Monogatari: Fia and the Mysterious School, but it has a release date as well. Those in Japan can look forward to picking this one up Nov. 28th, 2024

The standard edition of Monogatari: Fia and the Mysterious School can be picked up for 8,580 yen digitally or physically, but there will also be a physical limited edition for 17,380 yen. This package includes the game, an art book, CD, acrylic diorama, a card game, and other bonus items.

As we said back in October, Monogatari: Fia and the Mysterious School is the first new numbered entry in the series in several decades. This outing is being developed by Sting in cooperation with intellectual property holder D4 Enterprise, and it’s due out Summer 2024 in Japan. Many former Compile staff are involved, including Sting’s president. Last but not least, SEGA is also cooperating, allowing the use Puyo Puyo characters.

Monogatari: Fia and the Mysterious School features takes players through sorcery school, offers command-based battles in automatically-generated 3D dungeons, and provides character development through a grimoire skill tree. We also have a breakdown of staff and voice actors, which you can see below.


  • Producer and Director: Hikaru Yasui
  • Advisors: Kazunari Yonemitsu, Kenji Oda
  • Character Design: Sunaho Tobe
  • Sub-Character Design: Shinichirou Otsuka, Katsumi Enami, Ichi
  • Music: k.h.d.n
  • Devleopment: Sting


  • Fia (voiced by Saya Aizawa) – A girl with good fortune who enrolled at the school of sorcery.
  • Will (voiced by Maki Kawase)
  • Lina (voiced by Nichika Oomori)
  • Totto (voiced by Shun Horie)
  • Escha (voiced by Moe Kahara)
  • Carbuncle (voiced by Tomoko Kaneda)
  • Suketoudara (voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma)
  • Banshee Trio (voiced by Mariko Honda)
  • Momomo (voiced by Jun Osuka)
  • Skeleton T (voiced by Kenichi Ono)
  • Owlbear (voiced by Youji Ueda)
  • Zoh Daimaoh (voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto)
  • Jurk (voiced by Kaito Morita)
  • Garreldo (voiced by Kouta Suzuki)
  • Mew (voiced by Aoi Nagatsuki)
  • Vesta (voiced by Mana Nakatomi)

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