Publisher eastasiasoft has released True Colours: A Date With Deception on Switch today. You can snag a 20% discount on this title if you purchase before July 31st, 2024, dropping the price to $11.19.

When three new hires join the office, love is in the air! Take the role of a gender-neutral protagonist that represents every player and make key decisions about work, life and love to guide the story’s development. Get to know your coworkers, go on dates and discover what innermost secrets they could be hiding. Engage in deep, sometimes disarming dialogue and enjoy a wide variety of backdrops and CG scenes.

True Colours – A Date With Deception starts as a cute visual novel about day-to-day life and the pursuit of happiness beyond a boring work routine, but as interpersonal trust is called into question, a darker side begins to emerge. Be forewarned that you could be seen as the villain of this tangled web, but it’s up to you whether you embrace the role or seek ultimate redemption. Dare to explore multiple story routes and romantic interests leading to 12 possible endings, some good… and some very bad!


  • Play as a gender-neutral protagonist and decide what kind of person you want to be!
  • Go on dates and socialize with coworkers as you learn about those surrounding you.
  • Make key decisions that impact the narrative and certain characters’ development!
  • Choose to be the villain of the story or seek a path of redemption.
  • Explore a dozen possible endings and unlock CG scenes along the way!

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