A couple of months ago, Wii owners noticed that the Wii Shop Channel was down. The same went for the DSi Shop, which was also not responding. At that time, Nintendo mentioned that both were undergoing maintenance. Than why on earth are they still both down over 2 months later!?

If you were looking for Nintendo release a statement that clarified the situation, you’ll have to keep holding your breath for that one. Nintendo did speak to GameXplain on the matter, but they simply said that they have ‘nothing to announce’ on the matter. That’s certainly a different response from the first one, but it’s not exactly encouraging!

Those looking to redownload their already-purchased titles have been out of luck for a couple of months now, which goes to show why so many people want all their games in physical form. Hopefully Nintendo fixes up this issue soon and people can hop back on these shops and get their games.

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3M ago

Call me weird but I loved that glowing blue light on the Wii.


3M ago


You’re not weird. The blue light was one of the few things I liked about Wii.


3M ago


Always wished it would stay glowing like a lot of tech does today

mock turtle

3M ago

I was fortunate enough to be able to fit everything I wanted on local storage on my Wii, but I'm really worried about the 3DS now. The 300 app limit means I'm absolutely not going to be able to have everything I want downloaded all at once, so when this happens to the 3DS eShop, I'm going to lose something. :S


2M ago

at this point I'd entertain the theory that they moved their Wii/DSi servers to Russia for cost savings and were forced to turn them off due to sanctions.