Bandai Namco released SPYxAnya: Operation Memories on Switch recently. Based on the popular anime and manga series, this is a slice of life game in which you’ll visit various locations and take photos for your diary. Today brings us a special video where the real-life dog Pancakes is taking on all kinds of adventures to help Anya fill out her diary for school.

Anya Forger has received a new assignment from school: create a photo diary of memories. On weekdays, head to class in the morning, then enjoy family time in the evening. On weekends, visit all sorts of exciting places, like the beach or art museums, in search of subjects worthy of photographing! What kind of photo diary will you help Anya create?

Take pictures when Anya finds something interesting! There are many peculiar things that can catch Anya’s attention, like butterflies, swings, and fun sights during outings! Take great photos to complete her diary. There are a total of 10 outings to unique destinations for making memories!

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