Publisher MOSS has announced that the shoot’em-up Raiden NOVA will see release on Switch in Japan October 31st, 2024. There will be a standard edition for 4,800 yen and a special edition for 8,300 yen, which packs in the following:

  • original soundtrack CD supervised by Raiden series composer Go Sato
  • acrylic block (Raiden-themed for Switch)
  • reversible box art
  • Hidetaka Tenjin-illustrated all-Raiden special box

Last but not least, first-print copies of both the standard and special editions include a reversible cover and special sticker.

You can get full gameplay details on Raiden NOVA below.

Raiden, the landmark 2D shoot ’em up game, is reborn as a twin-stick 2D shoot ’em up game! Dodge attacks coming from all directions at 360 degrees, and annihilate hordes of enemies!

Use Twin Sticks to Drive Raiden at High Speed and Engage Incoming Enemies!

Control your ship with the left stick, and aim and fire in all directions with the right stick! Dodge enemy attacks from all directions, then aim and fire!

Strategies Change as You Play! Choose Your Armaments and Items to Create the Strongest Build!

Create your own build by choosing the armaments and ship enhancements you get when you level up. Persevere through the fierce battle!

Perpetual Power-Ups with Achievements and Equipment Enhancements! Rinse and Repeat to Achieve Extreme Evolution!

Through repeated play, you can earn power-ups, buy and upgrade ships, and more!

Game Modes

Arcade Mode – An arcade-like mode in which the player advances through all six stages with the goal of defeating each stage’s boss.

Unlimited Mode – A mode in which you can challenge your limits and choose any stage to see how long you can survive.


Level Up – When you gain a certain amount of experience points by destroying enemy ships and the like, you can level up and enhance your skills. Skill enhancements appear at random from three to four options in the “Main Weapon,” “Options,” and “Power-Ups” categories, and one enhancement can be chosen.

Main Weapons – There are three main weapons: “Vulcan,” “Laser,” and “Plasma.” Power and attack range change depending on power-ups, and the ultimate evolution can be achieved by meeting the right conditions.

Option #1 – These follow the player’s ship and attack automatically at fixed intervals. Up to six can be equipped.

Option #2 – In addition to the Vulcan, Laser, and Plasma options, there is a “Unique” option, and each has multiple armaments.

Power-Ups – Power-ups can enhance the ship’s attack power and durability, as well as its speed, luck, and more.

Items – Items with various effects can also be used.

Missions – Rewards may be given by meeting certain conditions during a stage. By clearing a rare bonus mission, there is a high chance you may enter a rush state where bonus missions may occur.

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