Retro game savant Jeremy Parish is back with the 90th installment in his long-running NES Works series. In this episode, we get to take a look at another trio of NES titles; Spy Vs. Spy, MagMax, and Seicross.

These three titles might not seem like they have anything to do with one another at first, but as usual, there’s a tie that binds. All three of these games were developed for other platforms first, and then made their way to the NES. Spy Vs. Spy came from the PC to NES, and MagMax and Seicross made trips to the arcade before they landed on Nintendo’s home console.

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2y ago

Jeremy Parish's Works series is absolutely fantastic. One of my favorite series on Youtube.


2y ago


I don't watch his videos but his books are FANTASTIC. I can't wait for the next NES and Game Boy Works.