Sonic Origins file sizes revealed

Make some room for Mr. Needlemouse

30 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Sonic Origins comes to Switch on June 23rd, 2022, making it not too far off from launch. Still trying to figure out which version of this digital-only collection you’re going to buy? Perhaps some information on file size will help you out. There will be both a Standard and Digital Deluxe edition to choose from, and while both packages might seem to be roughly the same, their file sizes are definitely not.

If you’re going with the Standard release of Sonic Origins, you’ll need to have 3.6GB free on your Switch or microSD card. If you’re going all-out on the Digital Deluxe version, you’ll need 7.8GB. That’s nearly double the size of the Standard version, and interesting enough, it’s also bigger than Sonic Forces and Sonic Colors Ultimate on the Switch.

The extra goodies in the Digital Deluxe version are clearly making up the bulk of the game’s file size, but it’s still surprising to see them take up so much space!

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2y ago

Man, this feels like it's going to be a trainwreck.


2y ago

Gimme a physical or gtfo. And we still don't have any info on Sonic 3's music.