There have been rumblings of a sequel to 1-2 Switch for awhile now. It only makes sense for Nintendo to make a follow-up to the Switch launch title, as it moved millions of units for the company. The thing is, these rumors of a sequel have existed for years now. What’s taking so long for Nintendo to put this one together? A new round of rumored info points to some development issues behind the scenes.

Fanbyte has put together a feature on the supposed troubled development of the sequel to 1-2 Switch, and they claim to have verified their multiple sources. That said, please take all this as speculation and rumor for the time being.

  • the name is Everybody’s 1-2 Switch
  • the developers have gone through multiple ideas for a sequel
  • the inspiration for the sequel comes from Jackbox Games and the Jackbox Party Pack
  • the sequel has a game show-like theme with a host and more participants
  • the game uses smartphones to allow for lobbies of up to 100 people
  • Nintendo EPD Group 4 was tasked with the project
  • the aim was to create minigames based on international appeal
  • the ‘host’ of these games is a bipedal horse that looked like a man wearing a rubber horse mask
  • the host’s name is Horse
  • minigames involve moving around the environment for things like Musical Chairs
  • another minigame involves using a phone to play Bingo
  • there’s also a take on Spin the Bottle that involves saying something nice about others
  • the game play-tested terribly, with families/children finding it boring
  • in Bingo, one player would use the Joy-Con to dig out a number before reading it
  • play-testers found this element of Bingo to be tedious
  • Team Battle Mode pits at least two teams of players against each other
  • this mode features Horse, who would give color commentary during the games
  • during localization, sources started calling the game “Horseshit” as shorthand
  • Nintendo went so far as to print up game cases to ready the game for publishing
  • Nintendo is considering still releasing as a standalone $60 title, while others think it should be a Switch Online Expansion Pack offering

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2y ago

If true, this is very interesting. Wasn't very impressed with the original.


2y ago

"during localization, sources started calling the game “Horseshit” as shorthand"

Oof, that's rough...


2y ago

Nintendo shouldn’t do anything with it. Forget it exists. Look at how long they kept Starfox 2 in cold storage. There are numerous examples of games they don’t even bother to localize. They survive all of those decisions. No one will miss a 1-2 Switch sequel.


2y ago

Two things seem very off:
>>"the game uses smartphones to allow for lobbies of up to 100 people"

This doesn't sound at all like something Nintendo would do. Nintendo wants their games to integrate their hardware, not use outside hardware to play their games.

>>"Nintendo went so far as to print up game cases to ready the game for publishing"

This isn't at all how the process from game development to retail release works. No way Nintendo was already having a manufacturer physically start production when the game itself hasn't been locked in for retail release yet.

With those two points as the giveaways, I'm gonna say this is false.

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2y ago

Horseshit for smash!


2y ago

Okay, but shouldn’t it be called 3-4 Switch?