Today’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3 update provides a variety of content. In terms of gameplay details, we learn a bit more about classes and arts.

In general, each class has 5 arts, but you can only equip 3 at a time. Fighting the right combination for the enemies you face is the key to victory.

In the clip above, you can see that the conditions necessary to generate the art gauge change depending on whether you’re using the Keves or Agnus class. Keves classes accumulate the gauge over time, but Agnus classes accumulate the gauge by hitting auto attacks.

Along with talk of classes and arts, we also get to enjoy a new piece of music. This track is called ‘Life To Be Sent Off,’ which is played by Noah and Mio. It’s quite an atmospheric piece that is sure to stir up some emotion.

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2y ago

I like that new music track. The Xenoblade Chronicles series has always excelled in a lot of areas, not least the music. The soundtrack in the first game was amazing and they haven't looked back since.