Sonic Prime is an animated series heading to Netflix later this year. Today, we get to see a quick bit of footage from the series. You can see the 30-second snippet from the show above.

So far with Sonic Prime, we’ve seen that both Sonic and Shadow will be a part of the show. The new segment showcased today reveals that Big the Cat will also make an appearance. It makes you wonder who else is going to be in on the animated action!

We’ll bring you release date information on Sonic Prime once Netflix announces the details.

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2y ago

Sonic Team should have gotten the show artists to design the world for Frontiers.

I would genuinely like to learn about the staff in Sonic Team as well as the management above. So many people ask and speculate over, "how could they screw this up?", I would love to discover the root cause.


2y ago

If Big the Cat is in it, the character floodgates are about to bust open.