Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is less than a month from launch, which is pretty damn exciting! Finding it hard to wait much longer, but you don’t want to fill your time with story spoilers? How about a few details on how amiibo work in game?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest Nintendo title to include amiibo support, and they offer up quite a variety of goodies for you to enjoy. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from amiibo.

  • complete the tutorial mission, open the main menu, and choose amiibo
  • Shulk will unlock the Monado sword skin
  • other amiibo will provide random items in “collectible sets”
  • sets are usually groups of reagents or ingredients
  • once scanned, these items get dumped on the ground, so you’ll need to quit the menu and pick them up
  • up to three amiibo can be scanned per day

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2y ago

I wish Nintendo would let amiibo die already. It's dead in most peoples eyes and retailers too. Besides, where are you supposed to get a Shulk amiibo these days? And locking content behind a day one artificial paywall isn't on in my books.

This is literally a cosmetic weapon skin and nothing more.


2y ago


Then let everyone have it, if it's no big deal.