Pokémon Puzzle League Coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack July 15

Custom Robo & Custom Robo V2 Also Arriving in Japan

08 July 2022
by onettqueen 2

Pokémon Puzzle League is the newest Nintendo 64 title that Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members can enjoy. To see some gameplay (and feel nostalgia from hearing the narrator and Ash’s voice), check out the video above. This title will be available for the service on July 15.

Japanese members of Nintendo Switch Online will be able to play Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2 for the Nintendo 64 on July 15. You can view the trailer for those games above.

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2y ago

I think we come out on top in this case in the US! Great to see them continuing to add games each month to this. So glad I signed up!


2y ago

Cool, I've never played this game before (even though I own the VC version on Wii...).