Just a week ago, Capcom reported that Monster Hunter Rise had sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and that combines the Nintendo Switch and PC versions. The newest expansion, Sunbreak, has already sold over 2 million copies in just a week after it was released. However, the sales did not slow down after that, as they have now revealed via Twitter that another 1 million has been added to the Sunbreak DLC sales for a total of 3 million in just two weeks! The split of how many copies each platform sold was not given. To celebrate this, Capcom plans to distribute a third free item pack, just as they did previously when the game sold 10 million copies.

You can buy the expansion and learn more about it here.

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2y ago

So impressive, thinking about how far Monster Hunter has come in the states. I've still never pulled the trigger and tried it, but maybe it's about time I did...


2y ago

I would say Sunbreak is the best G rank expansion of any MH game. Everything just feels so good now.