Back in March, Nintendo announced that they’d be delaying Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp due to ‘recent world events.’ Ever since that delay, we’ve been waiting for information on when the game will make its debut. While Nintendo has remained tight-lipped, a retailer might have spilled the beans.

A Swedish retailer has recently sent out emails to customers who pre-ordered Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp to let them know of a date change. According to this retailer, the game is now slated for a February 24th, 2022 release. This date is also reflected on the retailer’s website.

Again, this date isn’t confirmed by Nintendo just yet, but it seems awfully strange that such a random date would be plucked out of thin air. Furthermore, Feb. 24th would be a Friday, which certainly falls in line with how Nintendo releases their games.

Whatever the case, hopefully we get an official announcement on Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp’s release date soon.

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2y ago

February 24th would be an exact year since Russia invaded Ukraine.

I doubt Nintendo would mark that date with the game they delayed because of the war.


2y ago


Yeah... Not only the month but the exact date... Doesn't make sense.

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2y ago


Perhaps they decided to either pick a date after the conflict is over, or in case it wouldn't end, wait a single year and release the game then. That would justify the date, after all, it makes more sense to proceed with plans and explain the delay to investors with a simple round figure like "a single year" than say, some random quantities like 10 moths 10 days, or a year and a third, etc.


2y ago

Hopefully the game will be worth the wait, not the war! :^3


2y ago

I wonder if Goldeneye 007 N64 is delayed for a year on NSO too!


2y ago

Nintendo delaying it and saying it was because of the war has doomed this game to be roasted on Twitter whenever it comes out, tomorrow or next year. Twitter will be offended. In the meantime I'll just dive into games that have been on my backlog for 13 years.