Nintendo has seen varying levels of success with media adaptations over the years, but one thing they have yet to attempt is a full blown anime series based on one of their properties. Now, artist @artofpipeur on Twitter has shared their vision for what Metroid might look like reimagined in classic anime style.

The images incorporate aspects from different Metroid games, including Samus’ Zero Suit. Pipeur proposes that the hypothetical series might feature a lot of expression in Samus’ eyes, since she tends to stay quiet during her adventures, and that definitely comes through in the artwork.

Right now this is probably just a pipe dream, but never say never. Nintendo did recently acquire an animation studio of their very own, and the animated Mario movie is set for release in 2023. And while there is no official Metroid anime series, there was an official Metroid manga! Beyond that though, you’ll just have to savor this fanart and imagine what it could look like in motion.

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2y ago

That's pretty danged cool!

I feel like an entire anime of Metroid would need more speaking characters than a Metroid game usually has. So I think if it was going to work, you'd want it to be about Samus' general work as a bounty hunter and the various people she interacts with over the course of her job.


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2y ago

I like it. A short Metroid anime series could be great, I would push for an original story rather than an adaption but only if I have faith in the creative team to know their stuff.


2y ago

Nintendo anime could be so gooood! ToT