We previously reported on a datamine that suggested which games the future Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass DLC will come from. Twitter user Fishguy6564 had previously datamined the game and showed that each track in the DLC had a preset from which game the track would come from. You can see their original tweets down below.

At the time it was hard to tell if these presets were accurate or simply garbage data, confusion that was accentuated by some courses not having a preset at all. Well, now that we have information on which tracks will be included in Wave 2 we can check to see if the information is accurate and…it was!

The presets shown for the Turnip and Propeller cups were completely accurate, even down to the one course in the Propeller cup without a preset being the brand new course Sky-High Sundae.

Now just because this information was accurate doesn’t mean the rest of the data will pan out. It’s very possible that over the development of the DLC these courses may change, but for now, this datamine gives us the best idea of what we can expect from the Booster Course Pass going forward.

Assuming this information is accurate then that means the rest of the cups will have courses from the following games… (NOTE: “???” denotes a potential original track like Sky-High Sundae)

Rock Cup: Tour, DS, GBA, 3DS

Moon Cup: Tour, GameCube, ???, 3DS

Fruit Cup: Tour, Wii, DS, ???

Boomerang Cup: Tour, GameCube, GBA, Tour

Feather Cup: Tour, Wii, GBA, Tour

Cherry Cup: Tour, GameCube, SNES, ???

Acorn Cup: Tour, Wii, ???, ???

Spiny Cup: Tour, GameCube, ???, Wii

[Nintendo Everything]

And this is a list of the total amount of tracks from each game we will potentially see.


GBA: 3

GameCube: 4

DS: 2

Wii: 4

3DS: 2

Tour: 10

???/Original: 6

Assuming the data is accurate there will be no more courses from Mario Kart 64 from this point onward. While this information isn’t guaranteed it is still very likely at this point in time, we will of course keep you updated if anything changes.

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2y ago

None from the Wii U? Huh? 😉 I think we can safely assume the "???/Original: 6" are all from Mario Kart Tour.


2y ago

Exciting! Glad there will be so many Tour courses--those are going to be brand new to most people and their layouts/lap changes are super fun so far. Also glad to hear about "new" tracks like Ninja Hideaway and Sky High Sundae though it's a bit weird that Ninja Hideaway isn't listed as a "Tour" track. Hopefully they get more creative with their layouts as the DLC comes out since Sky High Sundae has antigrav now.

Glad there's only one more SNES track, Mario Circuit 3 is... pretty underwhelming and I want as little padding as possible. Bummed there should be no more N64 tracks though! Wario Stadium and DK's Jungle Parkway were big hopes of mine and it seems under-represented in the DLC.

There also aren't enough tracks from DS. Airship Fortress, Delfino Square, Rainbow Road, Luigi's Mansion and Peach Gardens all deserve remakes! Same for MK7! Only TWO more tracks from that game as well? We should get Daisy Hills, Shy Guy Bazaar, Wuhu Loop, Maka Wuhu, Mario Circuit, Rock Rock Mountain, Wario Shipyard, Rosalina's Ice World and the BEST Rainbow Road! Grumble grumble (volcano).

Makes me a little more bitter we got some filler like Mario Circuit 3 (SNES) and Toad Circuit (MK7).


2y ago

It’s great that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is getting entirely brand new courses along side awesome remakes and additions from Tour.

Best Mario Kart ever!!


2y ago

I'll satisfied if the last SNES track is Bowser's Castle. I'd love to see how they would modernize the visuals and hear the new interpretation of that music track.

I also wish there were more N64 tracks coming. But oh well