In the latest episode of NES Works, Jeremy Parish takes a look back at the sports side of things on the NES. In particular, this episode gives us a detailed history of both Blades of Steel and Super Team Games.

Blades of Steel needs no introduction with sports fans who owned an NES. This was definitely one of the big sports games on the NES, and I remember a ton of friends who had Blades of Steel in their collection. People were in deep with this one! I can remember my cousin printing out seasons for this game (via his dot matrix printer!) to hang up next to the TV. I had no clue what any of it meant (and still don’t), but this stuff was the norm for Blades of Steel fans!

As for Super Team Games, it’s a title I came to know about a few years after the system rode off into the sunset. I don’t know anyone who had this game, and it’s not really one you hear talked about much nowadays. Not the worst NES game by any stretch, but one that didn’t make much of an impact.

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