A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is bad forever. You’ve most likely heard phrase, or some form of it, a million times over. It has been attributed to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto for decades now, and is still referenced to this day. That’s why it’s so shocking to find out that he may have never said it.

It all started when filmmaker Javed Sterritt took to Twitter with a challenge. Sterritt said that if anyone could actually find where and when Miyamoto made the famous quote, he would give them $100. Of course, with money on the line, the internet set out to collect their cash.

What followed was a series of quotes and references to the line, but none of them tied back to Miyamoto. The closest things got was an issue of EDGE from 1998, which stated that a poster in Nintendo’s offices used the phrase. While at least a connection point to Nintendo, it in no way proves that Miyamoto made the statement.

As it stands now, it seems internet lore is to blame for the Miyamoto quote. Unless Miyamoto himself comes forward to verify the claim, it looks like we’ll have to consider this myth busted.

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2+ y ago

It's amazing the number of things that get shared around and either arent true or are attributes to the wrong source. Guess some people never learned the classic old internet rule of:

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet" - rawmeatcowboy


2+ y ago


@Riftsilver I never said that, damnit! ...but I should have!

I’ll be very honest… I’m pretty sure I heard you say this during either a podcast or a video about rumors… but that might be a trick of my mind.


2+ y ago

Phew…I was afraid that Miyamoto didn’t know Link


2+ y ago


Oh you’re very right. I’ve definitely said it in the past!


2+ y ago

Miyamoto whispered it to me in a bar in Tokyo back in '93. What more proof do you need?

(please ignore these three inconsistencies: 1) I don't drink alcohol, 2) I have never been to Tokyo, 3) I was 3 years old in 1993)

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2+ y ago


1. You can still enter bars if you don’t drink! Your guardians had to talk to someone there!
2. Pff! You were 3 yo, of course you don’t remember it!
3. And? Your guardians brought you there. Age doesn’t matter in this story.
Here. I cleared up all the inconsistencies. :P
(Please ignore that I don’t know anything about you so I can’t possibly know any of this.)

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2+ y ago

So what you're saying is, all Miyamoto has to do is say it, and he gets $100? Easy money!


2+ y ago

Aint busted yet, wheres the prove of its inacuraccy? Miyamoto most certainly said this


2+ y ago

Even if its false, it still fits the Nintendo philosophy.


2+ y ago

Lol, this along with the Did You Know Gaming video that recently cast the "Creator of Pokemon is Autistic" line into doubt too... Crazy


2+ y ago

I see you hiding behind that period Mr. Hyneman.