SEGA keeps telling fans that Sonic Frontiers is going to release in 2022, but they haven’t cemented an official release date yet. While they may not be talking, it seems another company might have spilled the beans for them, along with some other details.

A listing on a Taiwan Kuji shop includes some notable information for Sonic Frontiers, including a release date. According to the listing, Sonic Frontiers will finally arrive on November 15th, 2022, which would be a Tuesday. That certainly lines up with other big-name releases, but keep in mind nothing is official until SEGA says so.

Along with that, the listing states that there will be DLC for Sonic Frontiers, but no specifics are shared. DLC for a game in today’s day and age isn’t surprising, but this does mark the first time we’ve seen DLC for Sonic Frontiers mentioned anywhere.

Let’s hope SEGA jumps in to squash any future speculation with official details in the very near future.

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4M ago

Get ready to open your wallet for menu animations, and of course, camera control!!