On August 19th, Destructoid had an interview with Lancarse, the team that made Square Enix’s new upcoming SRPG, The DioField Chronicle. Here they discussed different topics like their inspirations, artstyle, and focusing on standing out among other RPG titles coming out close to it.

There were many things done to ensure this game would be as unique as possible, but one of the most interesting aspects is how much reference material they used to develop their gameplay. While they mentioned they referred to titles like the Ogre Battle series, Fire Emblem and Front Mission, they looked elsewhere when it came to the real-time elements. Here’s what development director and battle designer Fukui Hirofumi had to say:

Fukui Hirofumi: But as far as real-time elements go, we would refer to [League of Legends] or Diablo for more action-based references, essentially. But we did want to ensure that it still felt like an SRPG game, with additional real-time elements tacked on and added to this SRPG game.

If you’d like to read the entire interview, head over to the Destructoid page to see more of the comments the devs had about their game.

Finally, as a reminder, The DioField Chronicle launches on September 22 on Nintendo Switch and if you’d like to try out the game before that, there’s a demo available right now that you can get from the eShop.

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