Metroid Dread hasn’t even been out for half of a year yet, and it’s already breaking records. The latest record to fall comes from the UK side of things.

According to GamesIndustry head Christopher Dring, Metroid Dread is now the best-selling 2D Metroid title ever in the UK. That’s an especially impressive feat when you consider how many Metroid games were in 2D versus 3D!

Furthermore, Metroid Dread has already become the third best-selling Metroid title overall. The only games ahead of it are Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3. By pulling in that kind of achievement 5+ months in, there’s little doubt Metroid Dread will be the UK’s best-selling Metroid title overall within a year’s time.

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2+ y ago

What absolutely dreadful news.


2+ y ago

Does anyone have any idea of worldwide sales figures for the game?


2+ y ago

With digital must be number one.

red knight

2+ y ago

Well deserved! If any series deserves huge success it's Metroid.


2+ y ago


Through December it was at 2.74 million shipped and I think 2.42 million sold to customers.