Sonic Frontiers will have DLC based on VTuber Inugami Korone in Japan

Sonic knows what the kids are into these days!

25 August 2022
by quence 2

It’s been revealed that Sega will be collaborating with Japanese VTuber Inugami Korone for special DLC releases in the Japanese version of Sonic Frontiers. Korone is a popular VTuber who debuted as part of Hololive production agency in Japan, and tends to act like a dog. She is also apparently a big fan of Sonic. This DLC, which was first reported on Reddit, includes the following items, each of which appear to be available as separate purchases and from separate retailers:

  • Gloves and Shoes for Sonic, featuring pink and yellow designs based on Korone’s look
  • A new skin for the mascot character Coco to appear like Korone’s character, Koronesuki
  • Sound effects changed to Korone’s voice

There will also be an acrylic panel featuring an illustration of Korone in a Sonic costume holding a smaller Sonic available for purchase. It doesn’t seem likely that any of this DLC will become available in the West any time soon, but no official announcement has been made either way.

The standard and deluxe editions of Sonic Frontiers (featuring non-VTuber related alternate costumes) will be available on Switch November 8th.

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Comments (2)


2y ago

Oh we'd better get that here, I'd actually buy the game for Korone stuff.

"Kids?" Everyone I know who watches Hololive are adults lmao. I'm 37.


8M ago

I already have a copy of the game haven't completed yet. I would so want this in my version of the game i'd buy it so quick. i would start the game over and play through till the end with a Korone skin. i really hope they add this to the EN version.