Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fans have been enjoying the new Booster Course Pass tracks, with Coconut Mall being a favorite. Racers are zipping around the course, taking in all the splashy scenery as they drive by. That’s exactly how some players have spotted the image above.

In one portion of Coconut Mall, you can find two posters. These posters are for Double Dash’s Dino Dino Jungle, and Super Mario Kart’s Vanilla Lake. As far as we know, these two posters weren’t in the original Coconut Mall. Why would Nintendo bother to put these in here, unless they’re a tease of what’s to come?

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2+ y ago

I have fond memories of the Dino level. I'd love for it to be back. I would love for Nintendo to add back the double riders feature too.


2+ y ago

Yep pretty much confirmed now


2+ y ago

Well...yeah. I mean, is obvious that all of the DLC tracks will be ports from Mario Kart Tour. So it makes sense.

(Coconut Mall and Shroom Ridge were found by data miners some months ago. It seems that they preferred to release it on MK8 before MKT.)