Splatoon 3 leaks online a week prior to launch

Nintendo is definitely making a big ink out of this

04 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 4

It seems Nintendo can’t get away from piracy issues with their first party titles. The last few of their big games have managed to not online release early, but then get disseminated online for piracy purposes. Unfortunately, as of today, that’s the case with Splatoon 3.

There are multiple reports coming in stating that Splatoon 3 has managed to leak, and now the game has been dumped online for pirates to scoop up. We’re not quite sure how the game leaked in the first place, but we can think of two possible situations. First up, someone got their hands on the game earlier through a retailer that sold it before the street date, or a member of the press has decided to dump their early-access copy. Both have happened in the past, so either answer is possible.

Now Nintendo is out to squash the situation before it gets any worse. Videos of the game have already been hit with copyright claims, so the Big N is definitely aware of the situation. There’s no doubt they’re on the hunt right now to try and figure out how this came to be, and to get the pirated version off the internet.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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2y ago

Uh oh. Hope people can avoid spoilers


2y ago

If there is any demand from publishers for Denuvo in Switch games, you can thank situations like this.

Sure, some people might just be using the ability to backup their games for archival purposes, but you can't deny it's been an unfortunate trend lately where big Switch games are leaking online from piracy before the game even goes on sale.

The reason they leak online before the game goes on sale is because some retailers are selling early.


2y ago


Yes, that can be one reason, but it's the ability of being able to "archive" the software sold early by retailers that then lets it easily be shared and pirated online, like this case.

If not for that, the damage would be limited to a few early sales and perhaps YouTube videos at the most.

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