Nintendo shares surge after Splatoon 3's record launch

Shares shot up by a whopping 6%

13 September 2022
by camcritiques 2

It’s no secret that Splatoon 3 is a big success. In it’s first weekend, it sold 3.45 million copies just in Japan, making it the fastest-selling game ever for the country. And Nintendo is already starting to reap the rewards.

Following the sales announcement, Nintendo shares have shot up in value by 6%, their largest intraday jump since December 2020. It looks like Splatoon fans won’t have to worry about the future of the series any time soon.

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2y ago

Great news, i wonder how many switches were sold past week in japan, i bet 200k


2y ago

Crazy. In such a short time Splatoon has become such a force. Even more impressive considering it had to stumble out on the Wii U.