A new article from Kotaku dives deep into Kirby Manga Mania, a recent collection of Kirby manga from 1994 from Viz Media. While none of this is officially considered canon to the Kirby video game series, it does offer a strange look at some aspects of Kirby that we haven’t witnessed before.

For example, this version of Kirby is able to say more than just his name. He speaks loudly and frequently. Kirby also takes part in some more risque behavior, including imbibing alcoholic beverages. And weirdest of all, the manga gives us a look inside Kirby’s mouth, revealing an unsightly void of darkness and crackling energy. At least that explains how he’s able to eat so much without gaining any weight!

Check out the full article for images and more bizarre Kirby behavior.


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2+ y ago

I don't mind smaller media projects or well known franchises to be experimental an break from previous establishments. It's a good way for creatives to flex while keeping it in an atmosphere where fans may be willing to expose themselves to it. So long as the main flow of content is humming along, nobody will complain and hell, if something is well received in the experimental media then maybe one day it can carry over into the main branch of the franchise.


2+ y ago

I really loved this side of kirby, old man loud mouth drunk asshole


2+ y ago

Just another example of why Nintendo holds such a tight leash on all their IP today.


2+ y ago

Kirby's got a black hole in his mouth. That doesn't sound right when said out loud.


2+ y ago

That article was a *journey*, lol.