It Takes Two was announced for Switch in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, but how does it hold up visually? GameXplain have taken yesterday’s trailer footage and put it next to the same moments from the PS5 version of the game for easy comparison. You can check out the video above to see how the Switch port fares for yourself.

Team up and cooperate with a friend in this critically acclaimed co-op platforming adventure. Venture through fantastical worlds filled with challenges around every corner. Even the bumpiest road can be traveled with someone by your side! It Takes Two launches on the Nintendo Switch on November 4th.

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2y ago

That is a colossal downgrade. The difference in graphics is huge, it's to be expected, but still, it puts me right off buying the Switch version. Add this to the game not being complete on cartridge and it being half the price now on other platforms, its killed any interest I might have had.