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Nearly 30 people strong, and all of them great!

06 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 39

For much of GoNintendo’s history, things were run with an extremely small team. Due to the sheer amount of news that was cranked out every year, plenty of companies were under the impression that we had at least 15 people on staff. They were quite surprised to learn that at most, there were only ever 3 people on the team! Everyone who was ever part of the team absolutely worked their butts off to make sure fans were as up-to-date with Nintendo news as possible.

Obviously, with that much focus on news, the “features” side of our content really suffered. To be completely honest, GoNintendo didn’t have too much in the way of original content, outside of our weekly podcast and gameplay videos. It was always something that bothered me, but I was too caught up in news rounds to spare time for anything else. In hindsight (which is always 20/20), I can see that approach wasn’t fair to those on the news team, and it also didn’t best serve our readers.

I’ve always wanted GoNintendo to be a place where the Nintendo faithful could get both the latest news AND features! It was a dream I thought was impossible…until now! GoNintendo’s relaunch is very much a product of my failings with GoNintendo’s past, and my desire to right those wrongs.

I’m extremely happy to tell you that GoNintendo’s team is now 28 people strong! Half of that team is dedicated to giving you every last tidbit of Nintendo news that the GN of old did. The other half is tackling the features side of things, meaning reviews, previews, opinion pieces, and MUCH more. Now we’ll finally have an original content output that matches our news coverage, and I can’t tell you how proud that makes me.

Also, whether I’d like to admit it or not, I can’t keep up with things like I used to! I’m turning 40 this year, so it’s one foot in the grave for me! I’ll still very much be a part of both the news and features content, but now I’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing team supporting me. They’re the real stars of the show with this relaunch, and I want nothing more than for you all to meet them. Read on for an introduction from each staffer to learn who they are, and what attracted them to gaming!


I love video games. All of them, from all publishers and hardware makers. They can be the perfect blend of technology and art (with all that art encompasses) to the point where, if they decide to do so, devs can make the tech fade into the background and allow the art to be the predominant aspect. Art can move you. It surfaces feelings and physical reactions as visceral as anything anyone can experience. The story, scenario and characters may be imaginative constructs, but how you feel about them is real.

Nintendo aims to stoke feelings of joy within us, along with happiness, surprise, and connectedness with friends and family. The Wii era was so successful because the tech of swinging that tennis racket faded into the background (…for the most part). What we remember is the surprise of everything “just working,” the people we played with, the joy of having a common interest with people of all generations, and the laughs we had while playing. Any creative company, any team, any individual who is driven by that ideology is worth investing my time and passion in. That’s why I love Nintendo.


For me, gaming is all about a sense of community. The people we meet, the relationships we build, and the memories we share through games are huge drivers behind my passion. I could talk to somebody on the other side of the planet, and we might both love the same games. Like magic, a connection is born. That’s the real power of games, to me: how they bring us closer together.

Nintendo in particular is special to me for those reasons. With Nintendo, you have a worldwide appeal that knows no limits. You don’t just have games for kids, or more mature games– you have games that everyone can love and share. From the time I was just 8 years old, Nintendo games have helped me find connection with so many people, and my life is better because of it.


My name is Elizabeth, known as OnettQueen, and I am a news writer for GoNintendo. I have loved video games since I was a little girl. My first foray into this world were educational games on my mom’s work computer when I was less than a year old. There are pictures of me sitting at a computer with a pacifier in my mouth.

When my mom told a relative how much I loved playing games on her computer a few years later during Thanksgiving, he told me that he would have the perfect gift for me at Christmas. That Christmas, he gave me his SNES with 10+ games, and the first game I ever played on console was the Super Mario All-Stars’s version of Super Mario Bros. Since then, I have been an avid fan of Nintendo games.

From Chibo-Robo and Animal Crossing to Pokémon and Legend of Zelda, Nintendo has held a place in my heart for almost my entire life. I can’t wait to share more of this passion with you all.

Weapon Next

Nintendo has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. For as much flak as video games can get, I truly believe they helped me in terms of reading comprehension, critical thinking, and problem solving. Some of my most cherished memories are linked to Nintendo. Opening SNES games at Christmas. The agonizing wait for Ocarina of Time and imagining how Zelda would transition to 3D. Getting my Gameboy Color…guys, you could play in freakin’ color! There’s really no way to explain to someone in today’s world just how big of a deal that was.

Times were simpler back then, and yet my love for Nintendo has remained. I still play Turtles in Time with my cousin at least once a year. New Year’s Eve will likely include some Harvest Moon 64, as those are tied together with personal nostalgia. Nintendo consistently provides types of experiences I continue to enjoy, which is why I’m excited to help cover the company that has given me so much joy, and hopefully pass that feeling on to others.


Hi, my name is Eric (I commonly go by Flapjack, but I will respond to either)! I have been a big Nintendo fan as far back as I can remember. A survivor of the fabled Console Wars, I tend to gravitate to games like Animal Crossing and Wii Sports for their fun “pick-up-and-play” nature, and how they emphasize community and friendship. I even used to work at Nintendo in Redmond, and I’m not even your uncle!

As someone who deals with diagnosed depression and anxiety, gaming itself has been a savior for me. It allows me to transport myself into an interactive world of fun and imagination at times in life when I need it most. It has introduced me to a community of people - some of which have become life long, real-world friends. I look forward to using my passions for all things Nintendo here, and am happy to be a part of the wonderful GoNintendo family.


Hello! My name is Brendan Trump, and I am a writer, editor, and Nintendo enthusiast. I became a fan of Nintendo largely as a result of growing up in the Wii and DS era, and I just sort of never stopped having fun playing games. I’m a huge fan of colorful settings, tight gameplay, and fun characters, so Nintendo and indie games tend to be what appeal to me the most.

I’m a mediocre competitive Smash and Pokemon player, and consider myself to be among the biggest Wii Sports and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fans on the planet. When not playing games and writing about them, I’m usually reading, watching movies, or writing about other stuff. I hope you have fun reading my work here on GoNintendo!


My love for Nintendo and games in general started in my childhood, when I would play and lose to my brother in Smash Bros.. After that, my multiplayer experience expanded to include everyone in the family through the release of the Wii and Nintendo DS. The multitude of games Nintendo released during that era pushed my multiplayer experience even further.

I met most of my friends through Smash Bros., which led me to join AbrajXGaming, a group specializing in organizing tournaments. I specifically love the unique features Nintendo offers with their hardware, which led me to dig deeper into how the hardware works, and ended up majoring in exactly that! This also made me follow every bit of news in the industry, which is how I ended up here at GoNintendo.


Oh, my – how on earth did I end up on GoNintendo of all places? The name’s Anthony, and I’ve been blogging and writing about games for over a decade now, most notably at Nintendojo and Hey Poor Player. As a loyal reader since 2006, I still can’t quite believe I’ve found myself here, but I’ll give my 100% to live up to your expectations as a feature writer! (I can’t guarantee I’ll keep my Earthbound evangelism to a minimum, however.)


My passion for games comes from Mega Man - or to be more specific, the spirit of Mega Man. Mega Man introduced me to everything I love about and look for in games. The art and designs inspired me with their approachability; I spent so much time drawing the characters and making my own Robot Masters that I’m sure if life had gone just a little differently, I would have pursued a career in art instead of law. The music buries layers of emotion underneath its catchiness, allowing you to infer the story and mood of the game just by listening. The gameplay deftly mixes precision in the mechanics with creativity in the options you slowly unlock after defeating each boss, creating a unique hook with nearly unlimited potential. Mega Man games shine as an example of how each aspect of a game can push beyond their basic functions and work together to create something truly special.

Oh, what? Nintendo? Yeah, they’re cool too. My Mega Man journey parallels my path with Nintendo. I grew up with my older brothers’ collection of games, so I regularly played the NES titles. As I got older, I found “my” Mega Man with the Battle Network and Zero titles on Gameboy Advance. I followed the franchise to the DS, and then gained a newfound appreciation for the classics with the Virtual Console and Mega Man 9 on Wii. Wherever Mega Man went, I followed (which means I died for a few years and then came back to life, don’t ask). Of course I played plenty of actual Nintendo games along the way. Metroid has been my longtime favorite Nintendo series, although these days I’m more partial to Wario. Where’s the new Wario Land at, by the way?


I remember a time when I wasn’t a Nintendo fan, but instead, a die-hard SEGA fan. I was all about Sonic and only Sonic. At that time, the only place where I could play Sonic was on a SEGA system, yet I still had some run-ins with Mario and Nintendo consoles. Eventually my gaming tastes changed as I grew older, and so did my connection with Nintendo. The Game Boy and Pokémon opened the doors, and playing Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros. got me more interested than ever.

What made me the big Nintendo fan I am today is a mixture of playing their games and learning about Nintendo’s history. It’s a fascinating subject for me, and one of my greatest joys as a gamer and a budding gaming historian. I greatly enjoy playing games that had an impact in pop culture and gaming culture. Every aspect of Nintendo games and systems fascinates me and makes me want to play as much as I possibly can.


Hi! I’m one of the new writers for the long-awaited GoNintendo relaunch! You can call me T5, TTTTTsd, or even Scott! I was graciously offered the position after reaching out with a sample of my work, and I’m very excited to share my love for video games, and my deep respect for the craft. I’ve been writing and musing about games for a very long time, and only recently have I been able to really get my words out there, whether it be through self-published articles or, as of now, this site!

My love for games started early, and yes, it did start with Nintendo (go figure)! Super Mario 64 was the very first game I touched all the way back when I was 3 or 4, and I instantly became enamored with it. That game set me down the path I’m on now, and has basically made me a lifelong appreciator of Nintendo’s video game output. Beyond Super Mario 64, other Nintendo games would cement this feeling for me. In particular, Super Mario Bros. 3, which I consider the best game ever made, wowed me with its hand-crafted level design, respect for the player’s curiosity, and variety of set-pieces and mechanics that defined the Mario franchise moving forward. That’s what really defines games as a medium for me: they scratch a nagging itch, giving you that feeling of interactivity, and full control over how elements play out. For me, this results in a myriad of delightfully different stories to share about these experiences.

I’ve always wanted to share these feelings with a wider audience, so what better opportunity than now? The community aspect is one of the highlights of gaming to me, and the amazing people I’ve met through various message boards and fan communities, along with social media, has ensured my investment in this hobby.

Let’s enjoy this wonderful GoNintendo relaunch together, and I can’t wait to show you what I have to offer!


My introduction to the world of video games came as a kid via the original Game Boy; specifically with a copy of Kirby’s Dream Land. Kirby’s adorability (that’s right) and off-the-wall skills sparked my imagination and instilled a love of games in me that would last a lifetime.

While handheld gaming was my starting point, I’ll always treasure my first glimpse of a home console even more - seeing my cousins playing the original Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo. The 3D-modeling and level of detail RARE brought to that game, combined with David Wise’s timeless score, blew my tiny, little mind. (I was also super jealous of my cousins!) My journey continued from there as I discovered Zelda, Mario, and countless other core memory makers.

Obviously, Nintendo won me over early on, and I didn’t stray from their ecosystem until much later in life. Even now that my tastes are more diverse, Nintendo will always be winning the console war in my heart. They certainly march to the beat of their own DK bongos, and I don’t always agree with (or understand) their decisions, but when they get it right, they get it right.

The best place to follow Nintendo for well over a decade now has been GoNintendo, and I am extremely honored to be a part of its relaunch! As Mario would say, “Yahoo”. (He says that sometimes.)


Growing up in the GameCube era, I’ve been a fan of video games for as long as I can remember. I started my gaming journey playing PC games, back when software would come on discs, rather than through downloadable services. When my father surprised me by bringing home a copy of Rayman 2: The Great Escape, it sparked my love for 3D platformers, and it’s been my favorite genre ever since. Prior to that, I played point-and-click adventure games like Putt-Putt Travels Through Time. Now, I enjoy just about everything, and own over a hundred Nintendo Switch games!

While I dabbled with the Wii along with everyone else, I didn’t become a hardcore Nintendo fan until the big amiibo craze of 2014. As a collector, the rarity of amiibo, and the process of trying to catch ‘em all, gave me an unbelievable high. There were many sleepless nights spent camping out in front of retail stores with the hopes of getting the latest wave, and I met so many incredible people in the process. It really enveloped me in the wonders of Nintendo and its unique community. Fast forward to today, with my passion for knowledge and literature, there’s nothing I find more fulfilling than writing reviews and sharing the latest Nintendo news.

Robin Legacy

Happy day to you, internet! I’m Robin, GoNintendo’s quintessential Canadian reviews & news staffer. My lifelong passion for Nintendo, and the entire medium of gaming, began very early in my life as a means to bond and compete with family. In particular, we spent a lot of time on the NES with Super Mario Brothers 3 and Blades of Steel. As I aged, I discovered gaming’s power to effortlessly build friendships and communities through games like Pokemon, Smash Brothers and Street Fighter. My passion has continued all the way up to the present day, where those fledgling childhood companions have evolved into adults I now consider my family. It was even the shared love of these digital adventures that brought me to my real-life loving partner.

Although I love countless games in almost every genre, everyone has their preferences. My gaming interests are pretty easy to pin down, considering I’m someone who’s already planning a launch day backyard BBQ/tournament for Nintendo Switch Sports, and is also booking hotels to attend the EVO fighting game tournament post Street Fighter 6’s launch. I truly believe video games offer the best value proposition for anyone, anywhere. Regardless of experience, I’d say we primarily have Nintendo to thank for establishing these joys.

Rapid fire facts

Favorite Nintendo Franchise: Metroid Favorite Nintendo Console: Wii Most anticipated Switch game: Advance Wars 1+2 Reboot Camp Favorite non Nintendo franchise: Street Fighter Bonus: Has two huskies named Eevee and Samus

I am also busy working on a YouTube series centered around my first experiences beating various games. You can follow along with my exploits here!


I love video games, as they’ve been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Playing party-based video games with friends and family is one of my fondest memories as a child. This form of media also provided an outlet of escapism for me and my real-world problems. It also led me down to a career path that suits me well. As much as I love all the gaming companies that have come and gone over the years, Nintendo certainly impacted me the most.

While the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation were popular during my youth, I was fortunate enough to experience the Nintendo Entertainment System. I still remember the day I found out about the hidden warp room area in level 1-2 of Super Mario Bros.. Unearthing that discovery was absolutely shocking!

What drew me closer to Nintendo was its characters, colorful worlds, and sheer focus on fun. I also love their drive for innovation and inclusion in the gaming space. Lastly, the community they’ve built over the years is unmatched in my eyes, especially for Super Smash Bros.. Despite some qualms I have with them sometimes, I will never stop loving Nintendo


Hello, my name is Brandon Hurles. I’ve gone by AniGamer for many, many years online. I am a lifelong video game and Nintendo fan. I’ve been a massive Nintendo gamer and collector since I can even remember. I was a big part of NSider, Nintendo’s official forum and community, when that was active. In general, I’m a huge collector and connoisseur of all things gaming.

My first Nintendo system was the NES, and just shortly after that, I got the Gameboy. Those two systems sparked my passion for what I now do. If it wasn’t for video games, I have no idea where I’d be in life! The community surrounding the hobby has been hugein helping me get by. Gaming even led me to work with The Ohio Retro Gamer expo and group!

Hope to see you around GoNintendo!


It was a very boring and average Friday night, and I must have been about 3 or 4. My parents were busy having dinner, while my brother and I finished eating early. To occupy our bored minds, my dad gave us some money for the arcade cocktail machine, a staple of nearly every pub in Australia. Once we walked over and marveled at the multitude of unfamiliar, old arcade games, a waiter passed by and suggested I play Donkey Kong. Playing that one game led to me discovering Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, and helped me fall in love with Nintendo and gaming in general.

Since then, I’ve purchased every game and console I can afford, and will continue to do so until they’re no longer made! My top picks have remained the wacky worlds from the minds at Nintendo. After years of playing through Nintendo’s retro and modern classics, my favorites became Earthbound, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and if you count it, Chrono Trigger.


Hello, everybody! My name’s Cameron, and I’ve been passionate about video games for about as long as I can remember. I have super fond memories of playing the likes of Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with my dad growing up, and I still bond with my family and friends over them to this day. Games have helped me through some tough times, and I absolutely adore getting lost in the flow, atmosphere, and/or story of a game. There’s nothing else out there that immerses me as much.

As you can probably tell, I love thinking/talking about games. I’ve been blogging about them since I was 12 years old, and that’s what led me here! As a huge fan of Nintendo and an avid reader of GoNintendo for many years, I couldn’t be more excited.

Thanks for reading my little intro, I hope you’re just as hyped as I am for GoNintendo’s return!


Hello, GoNintendo users of past and present! I’m Jmaldonado, a recently-graduated creative writing major hoping to make his way into the larger entertainment space. I was aware of GoNintendo before the hiatus, but like many of you, I was happy to hear about the impending relaunch. When applications for writers opened right as I graduated, I took it as a sign to apply, and now here I am!

As far as my love for Nintendo, it all started with my first major console; the GameCube, (I technically had an N64, but it was a hand-me-down, and I didn’t have many games for it.) My family didn’t have a lot of money to spend, so when I did get consoles, I would go with Nintendo, as I was already familiar with their characters. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve delved into the worlds of PlayStation and XBOX, but there’s something about Nintendo’s franchises that keeps me coming back.

Some of my favorite games of all-time are made by Nintendo, like Super Mario Galaxy, the first two Paper Mario titles, and the Pikmin series. I’m also a fan of Pokémon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Kirby; so basically, all the main staples.

I look forward to writing for you all, and I hope you’ll enjoy your time on the new GoNintendo!


My name’s Katherine Belladonna, and I’m excited to be here! I’ve been a huge Nintendo fan for a long time, and it all started with the Christmas gift of Pokemon FireRed back when I was a kid. I’m a big fan of JRPGs, platformers, and fighting games, and I hope to produce articles that everyone enjoys reading! Outside of Nintendo stuff, I’m also really into PC gaming, and particularly enjoy the Monster Hunter and the Yakuza series’.

I look forward to working with everyone else on the team!


Hello, everyone! My name is Alec, and I’m a lifelong Nintendo fan. I started playing video games back in the late 90’s when I got my first console: a Nintendo 64! Like many, I fell in love with video games after playing Super Mario 64 for the first time, and to this day, that game remains one of the most celebrated video games of all-time! So yeah, that was a great place to start to say the least!

As great of a game as Super Mario 64 was, younger me still felt the need for more. After creating wonderful memories by playing Pokémon Blue on my cool purple Game Boy Color, borrowing my best friend’s copy of Super Smash Bros., and spending many sleepovers trying to beat Ocarina of Time, I was sold on gaming! In the years that followed, my love for the medium has only grown.

In my younger years, I certainly grew up in a Nintendo household, but that changed as the years rolled on. Once I started making money, I found other games and franchises that I really loved, and now consider myself a full-time gamer of sorts! There’s just SO many great games coming out ALL the time! (My poor, poor backlog…)

As far as what I do these days, I’m a full-time content creator on my personal Twitch/YouTube channels, where I do reviews, playthroughs, podcasts, and gameplay previews. (All Nintendo related, of course!) You may have also seen my face at various other media events as well, so if you ever see someone with spiky blue hair and a Nintendo hoodie, feel free to say hi! Lastly, as some of you might suspect after the recent announcement, I’m also a News Writer for the GoNintendo team! I’m so excited to be a part of this relaunch, and look forward to discussing any and all things Nintendo with all of you going forward. Thanks for reading! :)


My first video game was Super Mario Bros. back when my mom got me a NES in the mid-nineties, but it wasn’t until Pokémon Red in 1999 that I became a fan. It was such a beautiful world, and made me feel like I discovered something truly special.

Later on, I got introduced to many gems through the GBA, but it was in the DS and Wii era when I became a huge fan. Those were the first two Nintendo platforms I bought with my own money, along with a copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and a Black DS Lite I gifted myself for my 20th birthday as a freshman in college.

Video games have been a powerful part of who I am today. I learned so much through them; discipline, hard work, values, ethics, languages, and so much more. They have helped me in the toughest of times, and gave me some of my most cherished memories. I think they are a tool for a greater good, and a way to create powerful connections and improve our lives. The world has a lot of negativity, so we should use games to spread positivity, kindness, and fun.


Hello, everyone! My name is Liz, and I’ve liked Nintendo since I was a small child. I would watch my siblings play Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time before I was even old enough to play! Eventually, I played these titles for myself, and also purchased a Game Boy and GameCube. From that point on, I kept upgrading my systems, and have enjoyed games all the way.

What drove my love for Nintendo was Pokemon, YouTube creators covering Nintendo, and my personal memories of games I’ve played. In particular, I loved watching Let’s Plays from Chuggaaconroy, and of course, Nintendo Directs! Now I hope to further share my passion for gaming with all of you.

Thank you for the warm welcome!


Hi, everyone! My name is Timothy Huneycutt, but my username is NinTimDo on GoNintendo (I created my username as a teenager and thought it was impossibly clever). I’ve been a lifelong Nintendo fan, thanks to my family having both an NES and SNES before I can even remember, though the real turning point was getting an N64 for Christmas. I devoted my entire existence to that little machine, saving up all my money for new games and player’s guides. I would even take it to family gatherings so my cousins and siblings could play Super Smash Bros. together (a tradition that has continued through to the current Switch era). I’m 31 now, and I still consider Nintendo to be my favorite maker of games and consoles. They always deliver unique and exciting experiences that make me feel like I’m that kid at Christmas opening up his N64 for the first time.

In terms of writing for GoNintendo, I’m coming on board as a Features Writer, covering game previews, reviews, and whatever other special feature the site calls for. I majored in English Literature and Communications in college, and I work professionally in the digital marketing sphere, so I’m quite comfortable in front of a keyboard.

While my own personal site has been dormant for a number of years, I had to jump on the opportunity to join GoNintendo, as it’s a site I’ve been following religiously for over a decade. I’m thrilled to be a part of the amazing writing team here at GoNintendo, and hope all of our readers enjoy the stuff we’ve got cooking.


Hey, y’all! I’m Johnny. I’m a news and feature writer here at GoNintendo.

Nintendo has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was a military kid from birth until the eighth grade, so I was constantly moving from state to state. That meant I didn’t have the chance to make many friends growing up. Because of this, my parents bought me a DS when I was in kindergarten.

I’ve owned every console from the DS to the Switch, and the games I played on those consoles changed my life. Whether it was playing Mario + Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story on the way to Missouri, or playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in my theatre class the day it came out, Nintendo has given me a lot of good memories.

Being able to write for GoNintendo is absolutely surreal. I had the original site bookmarked on my laptop when I was in high school, and I remember constantly checking it when Smash Bros. Ultimate speculation was at its peak. Now that I’m writing for it, it’s truly wild.

For each feature, review, or news piece I write about, I’m thinking about the kid that can’t make friends, and finds solace in the games they love.


Just like the rest of the news team, I’m a huge Nintendo fan and have been my whole life. I have been playing Nintendo games for as long as I can remember, starting with my Dad’s NES and SNES, which gave me an appreciation for retro and retro-styled games. My love for Nintendo continued with the Wii, DS, 3DS, Wii U, and now the Switch.

The early days of the Switch (known then as the NX) were some of the most exciting times to be a Nintendo fan. I spent countless hours just trying to get any and all information about what the system could be. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get a launch Switch, which has let me experience each and every game as they were released. I consider many of the games to be the best in their respective series’, or even some of the best games of all-time.

Each year the Switch gets that much more impressive, and 2022’s lineup looks to continue that trend!

About rawmeatcowboy


GoNintendo's founder, and bearded wonder. Although his beard is a little greyer nowadays, RMC is more than ready to tackle news and features. When not playing/talking/writing about games, RMC enjoys comic books, pro wrestling, anime, and more.

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So many cool folks! Looking forward to a bevy of goodies~


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So excited to have GoNintendo back in my life!! Everyone sounds great!

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I’m soooo happy that Gonintendo is back!
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Thank you so much for your hard work past Gonintendo staff (especially RMC) and welcome to the Gonintendo family new Gonintendo staff.


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I don't think I have ever written a comment even though I'm been a very loyal reader for the past 15 years. I am so pleased that GoNintendo is back! I'm thrilled that Kevin is getting some help from some wonderful new people. Welcome, new team, to the best Nintendo site on the planet!


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Welcome to all the new team. That's a great and quite apt banner for the story. Many hands make light work.


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About flippin’ time! So glad to have GN back.

P.S. this is the site I would use to ensure I wouldn’t miss a single scrap of Nintendo related news. I hope the new format doesn’t change that.

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I was many years lurking and now I finally decided to make an account and it feels good. I'm really really happy and glad that you are back and stronger from ever before. A warm welcome to the new team and wish you all the best! The site is looking beautiful and hopefully now that you have that big of support, the site will be more mainstream.

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Ah, fresh meat! I mean... welcome new team!


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As GoNintendo staff alumni, I wish the best to the new team! I think it's great to see such a large team of new and returning talent!


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I've been reading GoNintendo for at least a decade if not more. SO happy it's back! It feels so good, and seeing how big your new team is is absolutely wild. Looking forward to being able to check GN multiple times a day once again! 😭

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What a crew! I recognize a good number of these names from story comments and the podcast chat. Looking forward to reading the features you all come up with. I'm glad RMC has a large team to help shoulder the load now.


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I like that several of these new contributors are clearly of a certain “vintage” much like myself. I appreciate that some of the GN staff can see things with the same 1980s eyes of those of us who lived through those times.


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It's so great to have the site back!

I miss checking the news everyday 😭


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It's great to hear you have a lot more help now RMC! I always wondered how you were able to do it all before! Glad the site it back and I look forward to reading new content from you and all of the new staff!


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A very big howdy to everyone on the new GN team, and an even bigger howdy to the site's relaunch!

Good to be back.