Pixel on quitting his job, Guxt/Ikachan to DSiWare, humble style of Cave Story, plans for sequel

The following information and comments come from Pixel…

- “I still work full time as a salaryman, but from April I’m going to be a full time developer. …everybody was like ‘are you really okay with developing games?’ They weren’t really sure if I could support myself. I have a wife, I have kids, so [his co-workers] were a bit worried. It’s not like they doubt my skill.”

- “I’m directing every element of Cave Story 3D. Also, I sometimes draw something original for concept art.”

- confirmed work on DSiWare versions of Guxt and Ikachan

- “When you make 3D graphics, you’re going to have to do a lot of stuff. Since I was making the game by myself, I had to scale down the things I could do. So I went to a retro style. I’m not a professional musician, so I wasn’t able to make that great music. I’m really happy that it’s received really well. I don’t think that I can use the original music for Cave Story 3D, though, so I’m fine with rearranging the music.”

- jumping is now mapped to the B button

- currently has two ideas about the content for a sequel


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