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Reggie on 2DS, Wind Waker early release, Wii U price cut, basic bundle and more

by rawmeatcowboy
28 August 2013
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The following comes from a Kotaku interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

If he could only buy one Wii U game this holiday season

"I'll answer it only for first-party, because I don't want all of our third-parties to be upset with me. I would buy Super Mario 3D World. I love the game. I played it with [Late Night host Jimmy] Fallon. It's a fun game. I love going back to the different characters having different attributes: my ability with Peach to float, my ability with Luigi to jump a little bit higher. I'd go there."

On the 2DS

"This is an entry-level handheld gaming system. We expect consumers to use it just the way they use a current 3DS and, really, from a target standpoint, this is designed for that entry-level gamer. For a family of four with two kids, when you're looking at spending either $169.99 or $199.99 for two this holiday, now you've got a more affordable choice with Nintendo 2DS. We expect it to be carried around the way you carry a 3DS right now. I find that holding it in my hand, my hands don't get as tired as when I'm holding the 3DS XL.

The reason we do this is, obviously, there's a limit to how low hardware can go from a profitability standpoint. This device allows us to reach lower consumer price points and still generate some profitability for the company. This device allows us to get to that five or six-year-old demographic, but in terms of the Pokemon demographic, you and I know that it's six to 66."

Why Wind Waker is releasing earlier on the eShop

"We're hugely committed to the digital business and we're committed to having consumers make the choice of either being able to buy games physically or digitally and we're committed to bringing new and unique experiences through digital means. We saw an opportunity given the value change to make sure we had a strong product offering for Zelda loyalists, and to get them firmly in the Wii U franchise. This is not a policy change or some grand signal by launching the digital version a few days earlier than the physical version."

On offering a Wii U bundle and price cut

"Obviously we want to drive Wii U momentum. We've been very clear that software is what drives hardware. And we feel very good about the line-up of software for Wii U. Taking the added step to improve the value just reinforces our commitment to make sure that Wii U has a strong holiday this year and is set up to be a strong platform into the future.

All you need to do is look at the numbers. At this point in time the Wii install base was beginning to approach three million—this is U.S. numbers—and as we sit here today, the Wii U installed base is at about 1.5 million. So clearly the sales pace is different. But I will also tell you that the focus on making sure that this holiday—its second holiday—is really strong is actually quite consistent with the way we've always thought about our hardware launches."

On the basic bundle

"That has largely sold through in the marketplace. There is not much of that particular configuration out and we don't expect there to be much at all come September 20."

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