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ISOTX looking into bringing March of War to Wii U

by rawmeatcowboy
30 October 2013
GN Version 4.0
A portion of a Gamefa interview with Vincent van Geel Creative Director& Co-Founder of ISOTX...

G: There's been a lot of talk that March of War is going to be sold on eShop Wii U, do you confirm? If you do tell us what made you decide to expand this game on Wii U?

VG: We are looking into releasing March of War on the Wii U and the reason for that is that we want to create a true cross-platform experience so that everybody can enjoy March of War on any device they have. Another reason is that March of War is releasing on tablets too, so the Wii U with its gamepad which had the ability to use touch based games. As a third reason we want to create our game for Wii U is the Nintendo community, which is a very strong and loyal player base.

Full interview here